Create an Elegant Exterior Finish with Architectural Ornaments and Columns

accents-1Decorative elements added to your property’s exterior can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your property.

At GM Exteriors, we do more than simply install siding — we craft entire designs to provide every building with an outstanding finish. Our architectural ornaments and columns give you the freedom you need to set your building apart.

We offer decorative millwork, moulding and trim from the top names in the field, including Chemcrest, Fypon, Brenlo Mouldings and Roman Columns. Our columns come in classical and contemporary styles, fabricated with fiberglass, PVC and wood. For added visual detail and to complete the look, we offer shutters, louvres, gable ornaments and brackets. If you can imagine it, we can fulfill your dream.

Get the Best Return on Your Investment With an Embellished Exterior

Choose from hundreds of options of exceptional ornaments and columns for your building’s exterior. Call (416) 798-8383 today to get started.


Add an Elegant and Functional Feature with Copper or Aluminum Accents

accent-2Set your property apart. Aluminum and copper “elements” are functional, durable and unique, offering both contemporary and classical features for your exterior.

GM Exteriors offers a variety of lightweight metal products including eaves troughs, soffits and fascia. Our materials protect your “building”, improving water flow and providing a virtually maintenance-free addition to the building.

Aluminum and copper products from GM Exteriors can instantly revitalize your home or business, and our teams can provide the guidance you need to make an informed decision. Start planning today and browse through dozens of options from well-known manufacturers; all of our products are carefully sourced, and we stand behind our installation work with excellent quality assurance practices.

Get a Personalized Quote for Your Property

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Choose the Perfect Materials for the Perfect Deck

accents-3Your deck should be an ideal outdoor living space. Entertain guests, relax and enjoy a beautiful new feature with help from GM Exteriors.

Our specialty materials make maintenance easy, reducing risks of rot, pest infestation and other issues commonly associated with traditional decks. Choose from high-quality materials from Canada’s most prominent manufacturers, hand selected by our professionals for a gorgeous finished project. We can advise you on finish and texture options or follow your design to build the perfect space for your property.


Get Started with the GTA’s Leading Specialty Deck Specialists

With competitive rates, fast turnaround times and a full staff of qualified builders, GM Exteriors provides everything you need to get started. Don’t spend another season indoors. To get a quote for specialty decking for any residential or commercial property, call our office today at (416) 798-8383.