Optimize Your Property’s Durability, Beauty and Value With Fibre Cement Siding

siding-1Looking for a dependable option for your building’s exterior?

Fibre cement is an advanced compound that combines the characteristics of masonry with the aesthetic warmth of wood. “Developed” by James Hardie Building Products, it combines Portland cement, wood fibre and sand to create a high performance siding for your home.

Unlike some materials, fibre cement siding won’t warp or shrink, and it’s both fire resistant and termite proof. It’s ideally suited for both residential and commercial applications, and it’s also a smart aesthetic choice — depending on the finish, this high-tech material can recreate the look of wood, masonry or even metal.

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When you want fibre cement siding, trust the GTA’s most experienced experts. GM Exteriors carries fibre cement siding from leading manufacturers including James Hardie, Allura, and Nichiha, and we’re ready to demonstrate the benefits of this excellent material.

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Enhance Your Property’s Appeal with the Natural Look “Of” Wood Siding

siding-2Natural wood is the original exterior finish and still one of the best cladding and siding options available. “A renewable resource, wood varieties such as” Cedar, Pine or super-dense Ipe are both environmentally friendly and beautiful; when professionally installed, they can dramatically improve the value of your property for an excellent return on investment.

At GM Exteriors, we offer natural wood products from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including “Cape Cod, Fraser, Goodfellow and Maibec”. Our professional installers ensure that you will enjoy the substantial benefits of high-quality wood sidings, immediately and for decades to come.

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For Enhanced Protection, Finish With Engineered Wood

siding-3Engineered wood takes the natural advantages of wood siding – its beauty, insulating power and versatility – and uses “modern” industrial technology to lower On-the-Wall Cost.

Each unit of engineered wood siding or trim has been treated with resins, then heated and compressed. A moisture-resistant coating ensures protection from rot without sacrificing visual appeal, and many types of engineered wood siding are cut into self-aligning units, cutting down on installation costs.

For the building owner, engineered wood offers numerous advantages including enhanced durability with classic aesthetics. We carry a variety of products from manufacturers including “LP Smart, Miratec, Canexel and NatureTech.”

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GM Exteriors can offer reduce On-the-Wall Costs for your engineered wood siding project while delivering efficient, professional services.

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For Ultimate Design and Performance, Finish With Laminate Wood Siding

siding-4Laminate wood takes the aesthetic of wood and combines it with high technology core materials to deliver the highest level of beauty and performance available on the market today. Developed in Europe and coupled with extruded aluminum trims, these products offer a systems solution to the building envelope.

Each unit of laminate wood siding consists of a high pressure laminate skin wrapped around a phenolic core, offering total resistance to temperature and moisture while duplicating the finishes of natural wood, metals and paint.

For the building owner, “laminate” wood offers superiority in all aspects of design, performance, longevity and street appeal. We carry a variety of products from manufacturers including Parklex-Façade and Prodema.


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