Protect Your Building with Beautiful Specialty Wood Cladding Options

cladding-1When you need customized cladding for a specialty project, GM Exteriors provides everything you need for exceptional results. Our specialty wood cladding options are available for all applications and can provide an important element of a complete wooden exterior or an attractive part of a mixed-material finish.

As wood specialists, we can provide guidance and expert installation, protecting the value of your investment. We offer hundreds of texture and finish combinations for aesthetically pleasing and highly functional cladding.


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With “professional” installers and a versatile selection of real and engineered woods, GM Exteriors gives you a cost-effective way to get your project started. We offer risk-free quotes for properties throughout Southern Ontario.

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Add Durability Without Sacrificing Aesthetics with Specialty Metal Cladding

cladding-2For its weight, metal provides exceptional strength and versatility, and it’s often an excellent cladding option for buildings in Southern Ontario. It can be an attractive choice, and when properly installed, it provides both energy efficiency and long-term functionality; metal cladding can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

GM Exteriors offers an array of specialty metal cladding products for both residential and commercial applications. From the “ACM panels” of the advanced AL13 system to Mayne Longboards’ innovative Alluminate finish, we carry the latest state-of-the-art materials to protect your investment.

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We combine our knowledge of specialty metal cladding with superior customer service and unmatched installation expertise, ensuring a simple and hassle-free experience for projects of all sizes.

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